I have been futzing away on the computer all morning trying to get the Stumble Upon button at the bottom of my Libraries Live posts, just as I have it on my Painfullyaboutme.wordpress blog.

It is a handy icon because you can suggest your own article be posted on the massive Stumble Upon site and people will randomly come upon your writing.

It might be that the style and theme I  have chosen for the Libraries Live blog has a more difficult built in block to this path. I am not sure.

I have managed to add Stumble Upon to my Blogroll but that was not what I was looking to do, as a matter of fact.

I have, in my web wanderings, come across an interesting wiki site on libraries:  http://www.libsuccess.org/index.php?title=Main_Page

which I will include for your reading pleasure.

Ultimately I should be able to set up a bookmark area where I can post interesting sites related to libraries that I can share with the other students.

I have also been working with De.licio.us because they seem to have the bookmark market.  But my Widgets have not turned up a convenient bookmark widget thingy.

The path of least resistance is to wait for the techy people to figure out how to offer these services to the non-techy people in our common lay person language, for example, with simple pick up and drag technology.

We are the people  who take our cars to the garage. Our eyes glaze over when the explanations get too layered. I can see the look of disdain, politely hidden with a patient smile, in the eyes of people who just seem to understand how everything works.

But I am still plugging away, and I do seem to achieve success at times. Although I am never really sure if I can repeat my success.

If you understand how to do what I am trying to do, please leave me a message.  Thanks in advance.

Back to the bloggin’.