I am half way through Module Five and still reeling from the information. It seems to make sense as I read it but when I move forward to try to apply the information I feel as if I am struggling to understand a foreign country’s transit system without really knowing the language!

In terms of the first part of the second assignment, I have subscribed to all the student blogs through Google Reader. The only problem with this approach may be that Google has done much of the technical work for me (something I would normally approve of) and now I still do not know how to find the OPML address.

A good side effect of this section of the assignment is getting a chance to see EVERYONE’s blogs. I am impressed with how amusing and interesting they all are. This is likely a testament to the type of person who likes book and libraries; people who like to read are usually fairly good writers and that makes for a good blog!

I am sure I will figure out how to make a blogroll eventually. It is funny how much  anxiety is produced by my ignorance. As Gillian said in one of her comments  to one of our blogs, ‘Learning about a new technology is about playing’, so I am trying to remember to take that attitude, as opposed to the anxious teeth gritting one that can take over when I feel lost.

This anecdote will date me, but I still remember my only experience in teaching a new technology. While living in B.C. in 1990 I was teaching some women in my office how to use an electronic typewriter with word processing, and the women were terrified of making a mistake.

“Is it this button, should I push this? Agh! Is that ok?”  At the time I was the young gal teaching the old hands, and I was amused by their fear and hesitancy. Now I am the student, and I know my furrowed brow is  amusing to my daughter!

So I remind myself, on a mantra like basis, this is straight forward information, don’t complicate it!

Now back to the puzzle,