Hi, I am Meg Edwards,

I began my long distance studies in the Library Studies program at Memorial University many years ago. For the last two years I have been too busy home schooling my kids and working as a freelance writer,  so I took a break from my studies.

Due to some new circumstances, such as losing my well paying gig as a freelance reporter for The Times and Transcript due to massive cut backs, and my two youngest children entering the school system again, I am back at my courses.

This is my penultimate course before graduating. After this course I plan to take the Advanced Business class in Library Studies and I will be done.

I recently started a personal blog at Painfullyaboutme.wordpress.com

and my published writing is under another blog,  MegDEdwards.wordpress.com.

Please feel free to check them out, as well as my daughter’s brain child Dayumn.com, a site for and about Canadian college students.