First Assignment

I set up my blog this morning and added widgets as I did with my other wordpress blogs. In my side bar I included a blog roll with my two other blogs and my daughter’s blog for college students.

Then I started to do my course reading and began to wonder what an RSS Feed was and whether I had one!

I did some reading,  had a fun but chilly swim in the ocean with my daughter, a hot bath to warm up afterwards,  and  then I made cabbage rolls for dinner. Feeling extremely tired all of a sudden, I ate a large block of dark chocolate and went back to my course reading about RSS Feeds.

I had to laugh. I had my blog rolls set up, and right underneath them I had carefully set up RSS feeds to the same locations. It turns out that they are the same thing, and I already knew how to do it, but I did not know what I was doing.

So, I am getting a better understanding of aggregators and how they work.  But I have a question, if I set up a blog on WordPress in which I am listing different subscribed feeds in my BlogRoll, does that make me an aggregator, or is it WordPress that is officially the aggregator?